Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Health and Wellness Class 7

Class 7
Share healthy recipes 

Health Discussion – review and check ups
Discuss Essential oils and massage/ raindrop treatments – what did you learn last week?  Questions?  If you want to sign up for Young Living oils, let me know – I can get you connected so you can get a starter kit.
Let’s talk deodorant..- use lavender oil.. be sure what you have does not have aluminum (cancer causing)  soap… shower – purchase a shower filter (only about $45) filters chlorine out which is toxic to the body…  what is the skin? A sponge!!… sun screen – the truth is: sun screen CAUSES skin cancer…. What can I use instead?  Shea butter, take astaxanthin in pill form – prevents sun burn also helps with wrinkles, just all around great for the skin, use Alba Botanica or some other good product from the health food store. 
One word check up and accountability: in a few words – describe how you are feeling/ thinking about your progress

Read Made to Crave – C12 & 13 for next week (we will also cover C11 since we did not cover it this week)

Quotes to cling to this week
“Satan wants me to think I have to have something to comfort me…If I choose incorrectly, I will be haunted by the consequences later.”
“I have circled this mountain too long. I will turn North. Self-pity, fear, pride and negativity will NOT paralyze me!”
“I will practice prayers where I don’t speak at all.”
Assignment:  I will take the time to write out some old lies and new truths related to my issues with food and lifestyle changes…. And use them this week.

Reflective Questions and Sharing (more from last class and this week’s reading)
Pg 107  1, 3, 4, 5
Pg 117  1, 2, 3, 4